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Legal Cannabis
also called Canapa Ligth, is the variety of Hemp that contains THC values ??allowed and regulated by law n.242 / 2016.
The low value of Thc allows this type of Hemp not to be classified among the narcotic substances and therefore prohibited by law, but, on the contrary, to be considered as an industrial product aimed at a multiplicity of uses.
La Canapa Light
they are genetics obtained from the best hemp varieties and can be freely purchased by anyone over 18 years of age. In Cannabis Ligh the values ??of Tetracannabidiol (THC) must remain between 0.2% and 0.5%. The consistency, aroma and color are the same as the "original" one, with the only difference that the purchase of this variety does not go against the law.
Our Hemp Genetics
They are chosen among the best, both for consistency, for perfume and for the relationship between CBD and the other phytocomplexes of the plant, giving the flowers their clear and fragrant appearance, rich in terpenes and grown in green house.
All Our Hemp Flowers Are Strictly Handcrafted. We do not use cleaning machines or trimmers to best maintain the characteristics of the plant, and we keep the product in tanning for at least three months which helps the development of the flavor and aroma of the flowers. In fact, in this period the Trichomes finish their maturation by developing a greater presence of terpenes and cannabinoids.
The Relationship Between CBD and THC in Legal Hemp
varies between 1:20 and 1:25, this means that for each percentage of THC there are values ??20 times higher than CBD. So taking an example, if our flower has a THC value of 0.40 it should have a CBD between 8% and 10%. There are no strains that "Naturally" have CBD above 18/20%, because otherwise it will be obvious that the THC value will not fall within the law.
The formulas for calculating the values ??of CBD and Total THC are: CBD + (CBDA x 0.877) = Total CBD THC + (THCA x 0.877) = Total THC
The Products are not suitable for combustion, not suitable for food or pharmaceutical consumption. Nursery, Technical or Collection use. To be kept absolutely out of reach of children. Authorized for the uses referred to in law 242/16 and registered in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species. do not ingest, do not inhale. It is not a medicinal product. It is intended only for ornamental or decorative use, and is not intended for human use. Keep out of reach of children. The sale is forbidden to those who have not yet turned 18.
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Canapa Light di Alta Qualità
Canapa Light e Cannabis Legale
La Canapa Legale o Light ha un elevato contenuto di CBD e livelli bassissimi di THC. Il CBD, Cannabidiolo, è uno degli 80 diversi principi attivi della cannabis, uno dei più importanti e maggiormente presenti nella pianta di marijuana. Studi e ricerche scientifiche e mediche hanno riconosciuto al CBD molteplici proprietà benefiche. Il CBD non ha effetti psicotropi (non è capace di modificare lo stato psico-fisico di un soggetto) e non agisce sulla mente. Gli effetti della Canapa legale sono quindi potenzialmente benefici sull’organismo. Bio Canapa Abruzzo © propone una produzione di Canapa legale di altissima qualità, prodotti certificati e garantiti, risultanti da accurati studi botanici, che hanno reso possibile la produzione di una cannabis depotenziata del THC e sviluppata nel contenuto di CBD. La selezione di cannabis di Bio Canapa Abruzzo presenta sempre quantità di THC nei limiti consentiti dalla legge (in base alla legge n°2 del Dicembre 2016, n°242). Prodotti che possono essere acquistati in modo pratico, veloce e sicuro. Ogni articolo riporta tutti gli specifici riferimenti ed informazioni utili, per scegliere al meglio e facilitare l’ordine.