New Industrial Hemp Varieties

This is important news: 8 new hemp varieties have just been officially registered by the European Commission and published a week ago in the Official Journal.
Eight new varieties of industrial hemp have been registered at European level and made available to hemp growers of the old continent. The peculiarity is that some of these have names that closely resemble varieties considered for adult use, as they say in the United States such as OGK, Pain Killer, Strawberry H and Strawberry K.
The others are AMX, KC Dora, Midwest and Northwest. According to Le Cannabiste, who spread the news, "these new varieties have been registered by Bulgarian companies with international connections that have taken our investigation to the North American pharmaceutical giants".
The AMX, the KC Dora, the Midwest, the Northwest appear, but more surprisingly the OGK or the Pain Killer. Finally, hold on tight, Strawberry H and Strawberry K will now join the European catalog of legal Cannabis Sativa L. seeds, in the form of hemp.
These new varieties were registered by Bulgarian companies with international branches that led our investigation to the North American giants in the field of pharmacy.
We describe the essential intuition of the law researcher of the Paul Valéry Faculty of Montpellier: Yann Bisiou. This is exclusive editorial information.
European Catalog: 8 New varieties of hemp. News on fresh dried herbs, live on the Cannabist.
8 strains at once, that's what kicks in the dormant European hemp anthill! Which companies hold the rights to use the seeds, where are they hosted and by whom?
We look at it a little further down in this article. In the meantime, we wondered what was changing in Gaul and neighboring countries. Go to the law school for an exchange with our friend Professor Bisiou.
LC: Hi Professor, I'm sorry to have you work during the long holidays. Precisely, on this textbook case ... Does this mean that French farmers and traders will be able to legally offer products of these varieties?
In theory yes. The European variety catalog is the sum of the national catalogs and the principle is that a variety authorized in one European country can be grown in all European countries.
LC: OGK, Strawberry. Do you find these names strange too? They look like they came out of a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, right? The question is why?
This is the real question! On the Internet you can quickly find "Strawberry" or "Pain Killer" cannabis, but with THC levels above 16%! However, to appear in the European catalog, in theory a strain must have less than 0.3% THC.
Furthermore, this sudden awakening of Bulgaria, rather known for its very prohibitionist regime, is surprising and even more so are the names of the companies. One is renowned for the production of potato seeds (!), The other two are foreign companies linked to multinational cannabis and pharmaceutical companies.
Curious coupling then.
LC: In your opinion, can the European catalog be enriched with varieties for the use of fibers and seeds? How to interpret this type of update?
Here, of course, we are on new varieties destined for the wellness market, or even more. One of the beneficiaries of these registrations, a major player in the medical cannabis sector in the United States, welcomed France's last February decision to authorize the cultivation of cannabis to extract CBD and Germany's decision to legalize cannabis. recreational, anticipating a market of 37 billion dollars 2027.
LC: In the end, what do we know today about these new varieties?
Not much yet. As I told you, registration in the catalog first goes through the Member States, here Bulgaria. But we can also think that new distributors of these seeds will promote them very quickly.
LC: People often ask us if they can grow hemp at home, at home, in their garden. What do we answer them? A priori, is Strawberry and OGK from the catalog okay?
Not really. In the decree of December 30, 2021, only "active farmers" have the right to grow cannabis. Interchanvre, who defends the interests of industrial cannabis producers, did not want everyone to be able to cultivate; they were heard by the government.
However, from a public health point of view, this is a mistake. Self-cultivation is the best weapon against all forms of trafficking and smuggling.
LC: You are familiar with the issue of hemp and the law. Could the introduction of these 8 varieties change the commercial situation of this market in the medium / long term, in your opinion?
Until we know exactly what is in these varieties, impossible to say. However, at first reading we are clearly on a new boom in the "wellness" market in the absence of cannabis legalizationrecreational.
If we look a little closer at these 8 new varieties, only 1 was registered by a Hungarian company, the other 7, however, are the result of an interesting agreement: wait, you have to follow.
In January 2020 through the press we learn that the companies Jupiter Seeds Oregon and Canapar have joined forces in a Joint Venture to give life to Jupiter Seeds Bulgaria.
Jupiter Seeds
Basically an American holding in the state of Oregon: Jupiter Agriculture Seed LLC, founded 4 years ago, which produces feminized seeds. This company is officially registered with the State Chamber of Agriculture and recently started developing new strains with high levels of CBD during the latest pandemic.
On the other hand, Jupiter Seeds markets their genetics in Oregon, where consumers are familiar with Northwest, Midwest and other Pain Killer strains. These strains have THC levels close to 20%.
Here's what part of their operation looks like.
Then, on this side of the Atlantic, more precisely in Italy, there is the Canapar company. He is a producer in Sicily.
This company has processing plants in Ragusa and Piancatella, it also has its own network of producers, or about 50 farms. Canapar is now 1000 hectares of hemp for:
    flowers, fiber, seed
    optimization of organic cultivation
Canapar is estimated to be able to process 600 tons of hemp per year. The derivatives are essentially CBD cosmetic products for the Italian market. And when we take a closer look at Canapar, we find foreign capital again, massively injected from North America.
Canapar was founded in 2019 with a $ 13 million financial stake from the North American giant Canopy Growth.
According to our information, all of these shares were eventually acquired by the Ramm Pharma Corporation group.
This Canadian-based pharmaceutical group in Toronto is worth 40 million Canadian dollars for an annual turnover of 4 million euros. It was founded by a man named Jack Burnett, a real estate, insurance and telecommunications investment entrepreneur.
Jupiter Seeds is therefore the repository of Midwestern and Northwestern varieties in Europe. Note that this cross partnership includes a third company: Eco Plant Eu, which specializes in organic agricultural production.
Also in Bulgaria, another commercial entity: Superior Seeds registered the remaining varieties, namely AMX, OGK, Pain Killer, Strawberry H and K.
Coincidentally or not, these companies were both officially registered in Bulgaria on 11 April.
#Semi-Higher Seeds
Very little is known about this Bulgarian company. Not much, except it was initially Slovbul Solanum seed company, specializing in ... potatoes!
In fact, we find traces of this seed company when it was launched in March 2021. Initially, this producer was expected to produce vegetable seeds. We wonder what this company suddenly gets to do in the game.
Bad tongues already speak of a seed company in the name, although no link has yet been proven between Jupiter Seeds, Canapar or Ramm Pharma and this company.
#KC Dora
The eighth of these new varieties was named KC Dora by its depositor in Hungary. KC Zuzana, KC Virtus, KC Bonusz, all varieties of this hemp have the same prefix.
This is the Agromag Kft company that markets hemp varieties but also wheat and sunflower from Hungary.
#The owner's dumplings
The term "green gold" has never been so aptly named since the advent of wellness cannabis around the world.
Whether in the form of a mosaic of producers or the imprint of large pharmaceutical groups, the hemp tsunami heralds new heavy economic trends.
Industry, cosmetics, health, wellness, not a sector of these economies that is not permanently affected. From the consumer's point of view, we are in the midst of questioning the patenting of living organisms; we are in the midst of the legitimate questioning of standardization.
So we could epilogue on Gallic laziness, while other countries are committed to transforming Cannabis into euros and work ... But before leaving, we must reaffirm here how much the right to self-cultivation is a fundamental complement for the development of this market. Worth seeing is the genetic diversity of this beautiful, impoverished plant, in favor of standardization.
Yes, the individual right to grow hemp like potatoes should be enshrined in the constitution
85 Cannabis sativa L. - Hemp 1 2 3 4 AMX * BG 9 (add.) (32) KC Dora * HU 214212 (mod.) Midwest * BG 10 (add.) Northwest * BG 10 (add.) OGK * BG 9 (add.) (32) Pain killer * BG 9 (add.) Strawberry H * BG 9 (add.) Strawberry K * BG 9 (add.)

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