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Hemp cake for zootechnical use

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Hemp cake for zootechnical use
Suitable as a supplement supplement for the feeding of farmed and companion animals.
Pack of 1000Kg.
Made to Order.
Product specifications Designation / trade name: Pressed cake / flour
Description: Squeezing whole hemp seeds produces both hemp oil and pressing cake. By grinding this pressed cake, hemp flour is created.
Usage: suitable for all consumer groups Ingredients: 100% whole hemp seeds, de-oiled from EU industrial hemp.
Properties: Hemp seeds have a slightly nutty and characteristic smell and taste.
Color: dark green.
Minimum shelf life: 12 months. Storage: dark, cool and dry
NUTRITIONAL VALUES Due to natural fluctuations and changes in production and storage, raw materials cannot always contain exactly the specified nutritional value.
Mean values ​​are indicated and tolerances according to EU guidelines apply. It may contain traces of gluten, cereals, lupins and mustard.
PARAMETER UNIT VALUE / 100g Energy kJ / kcal 1318/319 Fat g 8-8.5 of which saturated fatty acids g 0.5- 1.2 Sugar g 0.5-1 Salt g 1.3-1.6 PARAMETER UNIT monounsaturated g VALUE / 100 g 4-5 Omega 9 fatty acids g 5,5-7 Polyunsaturated g 3.2-4.5 Omega-3 fatty acids g 0,2-0,4 Omega 6 fatty acids g 20-33 Dietary fiber g 45-52 MINERALS Calcium mg 140 Magnesium 420 mg Phosphorus mg 1030 Potassium mg 780 VITAMINS Vitamin -aE mg 0.22 Vitamin -yE mg 2.47 MICROBIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS Yeast CFU / g 10,000 Molds CFU / g 10,000 Salmonella in 25 g none Escherichia Coli CFU / g <10 ppm gluten <20 THC g <0.0005

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