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Who can buy Canapa Light? All adults who have reached the age of 18,

Cannabis light is the result of the extraction from Hemp Sativa and has a very low THC concentration, between 0.2 and 0.5%. Currently, Italian legislation provides for the possibility of growing and selling this type of cannabis.

Most light cannabis users buy it to quit tobacco smoking or take sleeping pills, and a large percentage is purchased for its beneficial effects.

What is Light Hemp, The so-called light hemp is a hemp plant that has a concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol lower than 0.5%.

But it contains the other phytocannabinoids such as cbd, cbn, cbg, and more than 100 other phytocannabinoids identified so far in the cannabis plant.

The genetics used for light hemp are of various types, and currently there are more and more genetics on the market derived from various crosses between types of cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and all their subspecies.

The customer can place the order independently on our Bio Canapa Abruzzo © website and choose the desired payment method.

The Products are shipped throughout Italy and in European countries where permitted, with the Sda and Brt couriers.

Why buy from us? Simple because Bio Hemp Abruzzo © Offers the Best Quality of Light Hemp on the Market at an Honest Price, Respecting the Regulations and always giving an Excellent Service.


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