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Since 2018 we have been founders of the "Bio Hemp Abruzzo" project for the enhancement and cultivation of one of the most ancient products of the earth, hemp, for which our country was one of the most important world producers until before the second world war. .
We believe in this project since the most varied raw materials can be obtained from Hemp, from fiber for textiles and construction, to oil for cosmetics and food, and for all other products that have many therapeutic properties.

Bio Hemp Abruzzo © Hemp production allowed and regulated by law n.242 / 2016 It comes from the best EU certified genetics of hemp sativa and is grown without the use of pesticides and heavy metals. All our products are handmade, in an artisanal and natural way, respecting the environmental balance of the place, scrupulously taking care of every little detail dictated by climatic situations or other factors, applying the utmost attention and the best techniques in the phases of the production. Our products are allowed for the uses referred to in law 242/16 and registered in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species.


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